More widgets on screen

I have an idea to place more widgets on dashoard.

So what’s the idea specifically? Add scroll? Pagination?

yes, scroll is a good idea.

  1. It will conflict with touch sensitive widgets like joystick
  2. It will conflict with drag-n-drop in edit mode

So no scroll :wink: According to our data, majority of dashboards are empty 50%. So we don’t think that it’s a problem for now.

If we are still talking about more widgets, i having the following thought…

I know the “projects” screens basically require a new authentication token. For me, and perhaps others, it would be helpful to have the screens be task specific but not necessarily a different Arduino setup. For instance, on one screen I would like to control my Sprinkler system. A swipe right, and I could manage my pool valves, and another swipe and I could monitor the run time for my spa and temperature. These can all be managed with one Arduino. If the same token could be reused on the next “Project” screen you could create all the real estate you need and I think it is fairly intuitive. I’m sure I am oversimplifying but…


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I’m not sure sure the best way to implement it, but the idea is this…

Currently, I see that when you scroll right, you can create a new ‘project’ but this also requires a new authentication code which I presume also means a separate Arduino with separate code. How about being able to swipe right and getting a new screen, but being able to reuse the same Arduino, code, and authentication token. This creates a lot more space for widgets and will group them logically by ‘project’ task. One Arduino can do far more than any single screen can accommodate. Users can create separate screens for “security”, “environmental”, “pool”, “sprinkler” but still be accessing the same Arduino.


I agree to the further posts by rapgar (More widgets on screen) where he/she proposes a sort of pagination. I have a similar problem/need with my project. I am working on an automation/monitoring project with an Arduino Mega and I quickly ran out of space for widgets. So it would be great if a given project with a given authentication code could span over more pages between which you could swipe or switch somehow (maybe using the existing button in the app or by introducing a new one). This would increase the space available for widgets, which especially with the new widgets like LCD is running out quickly, and would enable the categorisation of functions, e.g. by grouping buttons and LEDs belonging to certain functions on the same screens/tabs. Maybe it is possible to introduce the creation of multiple tabs for a given project?

Multiple tabs are currently available. Up to 4

Why not adapt the widget sizes according to the resolution of the Phone or Tablet used ?
For example at startup of application, you get the resolution of the display and you offer several “screen sizes” like : For 1024x768 = X Widgets width / Y Widgets Height, for newer devices like iPad = A Widgets Width / B Widgets Height… and the user choses how large they are going to be…
That’s surely some development ahead but your widgets are now too big for the given resolutions of current platforms…



@MizMiz - in case you have skills in mobile app development – you are welcome to join our team and help with our roadmap :wink:

We are a pretty small team for such an ambitious project as Blynk.

Hello Pavel,
It would be very nice, but I am an Hardware engineer, and my software skills are OK for Arduino programming, not for Android / iOS developments.
However, I could try to put you in relation with some of my contacts who could be interested, although I cannot confirm their future implication…

Developing a complete IOT platform for Home Automation at prototype level, before industrialization, I am making suggestions for improvement based on my live experience with Blynk.

Thanks for the offer,