More than one mobile device logged in at once and switch status

Hi all

Like many I have a work phone, a personal phone and an android tablet. Is there any reason why I should not leave all three devices logged into the Blynk app with the same user ? I ask because there seem to be inconsistencies with the operation of front page tiles on each device, when a tile is used as a switch two devices logged in show the switch in the opposite sense (on is off and off is on) they update each other but also reverse each other(I have got “sync on connect” and this works with the button widget), there is only one way to set the on off switch values from a tile(I think) so they must be set identically. This is not the case with the app when a button widget is set as a switch then the buttons and the web site switch update and reflect states accurately. Is any one using the tile switch successfully to switch and show the status of a switch when first opening the app ? if so could they share their setup as I am finding the process quite difficult.

As you are using the word tiles I assume you are on Blynk IoT / Blynk 2.0

When the phone is left untouched for long period of times, the phone doesn’t run the apps in the background, to save battery.

To see if this is the problem!! Just force close the app and reopen it again. And see if the problem still exists.

This may also be a bug in the app, but i have not faced this… I have logged in from two android n one iphone to the same account. On both Blynk legacy and Blynk IoT….

Thanks for the quick reply, same result if I force stop the app and re-open, the widgets are not a problem the sync fine it is purely the tile when used as a switch, just saves an extra step when you just want to switch an appliance on or off but would be good to see the initial status of the item. Wondering if many actually use tiles in this way with Blynk 2, perhaps if someone has had success they could share the process.
Appreciate your response.