More than 1 device assigned to the UI within a tile template?

I get how the tile template is used to create the UI with controls attached to pins. It then creates a tile with that template per device assigned to that template. Nice.

However, I am starting to use the tiles widget as a simple entry dashboard for all my devices. But I would like the UI in a template to address more than 1 device (ie. The control has a choice of devices to target and therefore pins for the selected device) just like a project created outside of the tile template.

I understand that this might not be the intention of the tile template but was wondering if there were thoughts if doing this or if there was a way I had not discovered.

@koaiwi If you use the same blynk token on two devices, both the devices will respond identically to a UI widget. Does this not meet your requirement? Tags is another alternative for the same pins across devices like above, if you want to use different tokens.

Tiles Widget will allow Grouping soon. There will be a Group Tile Template + Group Dashboard accessible from Group Tile :wink:

Yes I am trying the option of 2 devices using the same thicken but was wondering there was going to be anything more sophisticated. Thanks @Pavel.

Using same token for different devices is a bad practice in general. Each device should have a unique token for numerous reasons.

Is there a planned release date for the grouping function?

In 2-3 months. It’s very complex feature

Can we not do this with tags right now? I thought we could.

@Pavel +1

because it’s more beautiful than tabs

Thanks @Pavel. I can understand this is complex but as always when it arrives it will be welcome. Tiles are a great innovation and deserves lots of under the bonnet development.

Hi @Pavel. I was curious if we have the ability now to use one UI element on multiple devices?

I’m using device tiles, and each device uses a template that gives each device it’s own slider on a page.

However, I’d like to have a master slider that can control all devices to perform an emergency shutoff across all devices. This master slider would live on the same page as the device tiles – e.g., the user would see the grid of devices, and see the slider beneath it for easy access to perform the emergency shutoff on all devices.

If this is possible now with tags (or a webhook?), would you mind please sharing the instructions? I’d appreciate it, and thank you for a really great product.

Create a button and choose Tag as a target. In devices section: tag devices correspondently

This all is described in docs: