More conditions in automation?

Hi all,

is there any way to use more conditions in automation?

my example :

if temperature is below 2 and inverter is on , check pressure. If pressure il lower than given reference, turn on the speaker.

It would be so simple…

You can do this with WHEN & DO THIS.
Did you try ?

you cannot add more conditions…

Yes, you can add one condition only.
You can easily achieve this in the sketch.

It’s a big limit.

It has no sense an automation with only 1 condition lol

You can use if statement with some global variables instead.

I know but it’s a big limit, Automations becomes useless

Actually it’s not, it’s so useful in some cases.

I was thinking this should work for your use case scenario.

This is multiple actions, not multiple conditions.

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Yes, we have that in plans, at the moment it requires a lot of UI changes, so not gonna happen soon.

For business clients we have Rule Engine that has much more capabilities and allows multiple conditions in trigger as well.

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