Mood Lamp with IFTTT

Can you please give me an example?

What mode do you use for zebra? Split, merge?

I use ZERGBA in Split mode.

For IFTTT I recommend you to switch to Merge mode. As via IFTTT it is impossible to send few HTTP requests that are required for Split Zergba mode. In merge mode you need only one PUT HTTP request for 1 pin with body ["1","2","3"].

Where 1 - r, 2 - g, 3 - b.

I will now.

I just need to put the values(0-255) in place of ‘1’ right?

Yes, Correct…

Thanks. I will again contact you if I run into any trouble. :slight_smile:

Sure. Let us know if that works for you.

Say i have send the value to the virtual pin. How to send it to the hardware(RGB led)

Same API. It works both for hardware and application.

But it has to be a connected to a digital pin right?

No. You can you use any pin. Virtual/Digital.

When I am open up my widget in merge mode the only pin I get is virtual pin

@KAUSTUBHAGARWAL you are right. Sorry for confusing.

Any idea how to do this? Or read from virtual and then push the value to digital pin connected to rgb led?

Exactly. This is because in merge mode array of values is send and you can’t write array to digital pins.

BLYNK_WRITE(V1) // Widget WRITEs to Virtual Pin V1
  int r = param[0].asInt(); // getting first value
  int g = param[1].asInt(); // getting second value
  int b = param[2].asInt(); // getting thrid value

So I can’t do this using ifttt?

You can. You can call BLYNK_WRITE(V1) from IFTTT

Regarding the PUT on IFTTT.

When I use the new syntax -

instead of the old -

The recipe doesn’t work. When i use the older the one the recipe does work but there is no effect on my hardware

It is not new syntax. It is test server for demonstration purposes only. You have to use

I fixed API reference.