Mobile app slider with float valuses truncates after decimal point

I have attached a float numbers range datastream to slider widget on Android. And after setting a float number, e.g. 22.5 and closing the app, then when opened again, the number is truncated to 22. This has no relation to hardware and its sketch.

App version?

How have you defined the decimal placeholders in the datastream setup?


v1.7.5 (107) and decimal formating is 0.0, on virtual V0, min 0.1 and max 55.

@BlynkAndroidDev - one for you?


Is it reproducing with #.# format?

#.# format is not available in the Android app… Just # or 0.# or 0.0 etc.
It reproduces both with 0.# and 0.0

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Not sure I can follow you. In the datastream editor in the android app you can set the same formats as in the Blynk Console on web.

Got it, yep, I meant 0.#

We haven’t reproduced this issue on our devices, but I’ve added a minor change for the value text width limitation. So, if I was correct in understanding the cause of the issue - it should be fixed in the next update (which will happen by the end of the week). Otherwise, please check if there are other possible updates to that data stream.

OK, thanks, I will check the result later next week.
Anyway, something has to be wrong, because, if I understand the formatting properly, if 0.0 is chosen, even whole numbers should be displayed with decimal point, e.g. 25 → 25.0. Is this correct?
But the app doesn work like that. But this is very minor issue.
My concern is, the having value of 0.1 is due to this issue truncated to 0, which becomes an out of range value… :frowning:

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I think, I have found the root cause of the problem:
Datastream settings in Blynk.console are not properly synced with the same datastream settings in Blank.App, and visa versa.
See attached snapshots:
The first one from Blank.Console shows datastream settings:
And these datastream settings are not completely the same as those from Blynk.App:

The differnces are redlined.
Once I have corrected the datastream settings in Blynk.Console, the described false behaviour disappeared from the Blynk.App.
Moreover, the list of decimals formating options are not the same compared Blank.Console to Blank.App:
The 0.0 option is missing in the Blynk.Console.

They are the same, it is just different label formats. It is fixed in the new version also.


if 0.0 is chosen, even whole numbers should be displayed with decimal point, e.g. 25 → 25.0

You are correct, it should work in that way - check the next version, it may be available already tomorrow or till the end of the week depending on the review and distribution.