Mobile App Button Bug - Ending Digit '5'

Hi Everyone!

New here, searched for topic before posting, couldn’t find anything similar.

I want to report a bug in the mobile app, and perhaps look for a fix:

When creating/editing a button, if I insert a numerical value ending with the digit ‘5’, it saves it as ‘6’ !
If I create a new button, the same happens. To illustrate more what I mean, I recorded the issue happening, and tried different other digits to see what happens.

In the video below, I’m trying to insert the value 33456255 into the button both as OFF and as ON values, just like the buttons below that work totally fine. But the final ‘5’ doesn’t get saved as ‘5’, but as ‘6’. (I’m clicking on the upper-right corner button that says ‘ON/OFF’).
Notice in the video how other eighth digits other than 5 also change.

I’ve tried cleaning the cache and all data of the app on my mobile phone, the same bug exists, even when creating a whole new button. Any info missing from the vid please feel free to ask me for.
If I try inserting a “shorter” value, for example 335, it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this before? I’ve tried only on Xiaomi phones [several different ones] (Redmi series).

Thanks for the report,

Can you provide also the data stream settings?

Yup, here’s the Datastream settings (nothing was changed in its ‘Advanced Settings’):

Bug confirmed. We will fix it in one of the next updates. I will update this thread when it will be fixed.

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Before it will be fixed, just switch to values for buttons less than 7 digits.

No problem, thank you for the input, I’l be on the lookout for an update.
Just so I can know if the 7-digit implementation is worth implementing, do you have any approximation of the time until the next update release?

It depends, we have several releases in the plan already. So it probably would not be available this month.

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Wanted to check on the progress of this bug fix. I just updated my Blynk mobile app again, and still the bug isn’t fixed. Is it on the list or has it been forgotten? :sweat_smile:

It is on the list, we will soon work on it on both android and ios.

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