MKR1300 pass through to ESP32WIFI Dev Board

Morning everyone, please can you point me in the right direction to solve the following.

Ive setup a 2p2 lora system and I need to connect one of the MKR1300 to the API but the only way possible is through GSM.

So my thoughts were MKR1300 connected via TX & DX to a wifi dev board outputting through a 4g mobile router over wifi.

Very simple data output over I2C

Im currently outputing from the Lora Receiver to IDE using a JSON string with no issues, but ive never jumped board to board before to output.

Any Help would be awesome.

UK Based.


I’ve not done much LoRA stuff, and certainly not with the Arduino boards, but some of what you’ve said confuses me.

You talk about 2P2 - I guess this should be P2P (point to point)?

You also say…

I assume that should read Tx Rx, implying that you’re talking about serial communication between the two boards, but then you say…

which confuses me!

I agree that a WiFi board and 4G router would be the best option.
Doing serial board to board communication is possible, but not ideal.
I2C board to board would be nicer if you can implement it - again not something I’ve tried.

My LoRa experiments have been done using an RA-02 module and Wemos D1 Mini, in similar setup to this…

but with a custom made “shield” PCB like this…


Hi Peter

So Im sending I2C data as a JSON string from MKR1300 to MKR1300 and reading it on the serial monitor no problem (300m). The topography doesn’t lend its self to TTN so ive gone for P2P (Now re-branded as 2P2 lol)

Because of the remote area and hills I need to send this out over GSM then to the server.

Ill get there, but its always easier if someone has walked the walked. We did try and use someone in the past, but I expect they were using a third party and masking the fact. So doing it myself.

Just to add Im looking to use the receiver as a star network giving me hopefully about a mile coverage in total from the center point.