MKR1000 show Online in App & “true” in html request “isHardwareConnected” when device is powered off


I have a problem with my project.

I have 2 devices in bridge of my project (MKR1000 and NodeMCU).
The nodemcu disconnect perfectly, but MKR1000 continue showing “true” in html request “isHardwareConnected” and the device are powered off.

Please don’t post “me toos” in old topics… create a current one with full details. (I just moved your post into a Topic)

Ok, sorry :slight_smile:

Does it also show as connected (when it is not) in the App?

Yes, in the app show Connected, when device is powered off.

What version App?

Android or iOS?

Cloud or Local Server?

App Version: 2.25.0 - iOS
Cloud Server.