Mistakes in local Server Documentation

I justed installed the local Blynk-Server on my Raspberry 1b+ and noticed a mistake in the documentation. I used

wget "https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/releases/download/v0.41.2/server-0.41.2-java8.jar"

to download the server. The github link and filename imply that version 0.41.2 is installed but it actually downloaded the SNAPSHOT version 0.41.3. I think the filename/url is misleading.

Additionally the auto-start script failed because of a wrong filename in the autostart command given in the documentation.
The Documentation says java -jar server-0.41.2.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk, but it should be java -jar server-0.41.2-java8.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk.

A snapshot is a addendum to the current versionā€¦ this is NOT an error, more like a preview of latest additions before the next release version.

Blynk is in constant development so this happens fairly regularly. Just keep watching the released version and update when you see new ones.

There are different versionsā€¦ the java8 and the other one for newer java versionsā€¦ content is the same.

Local Server is an advanced processā€¦ It is expected that someone skilled enough to instal a Local Server is able to make adjustments according to there needs. Adjust the startup script according to your desired filename and path

But why is it named 0.41.2 when version 0.41.3 is actually installed?

I just saidā€¦ it is an ADDENDUM to the current version prior to the next version, which will then have even more additions fully baked inā€¦ The system is smart enough to ā€œupdateā€ you to the latest version with additions when you download itā€¦ but the release is NOT final, so the listed version doesnā€™t change.

This is NOT something to be concerned about.

Sorry, I missunderstood ā€œaddendumā€ because I have never heard of it before. Thank you for making it clear, why the version numbers differ.

Heheā€¦ sorry, I sometimes tend to obfuscate my linguistic manifestationsā€¦ :crazy_face:

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Thatā€™s correct, due to the release process. Initially we do release 0.41.2 for Java 11. After that 0.41.2 becomes SNAPSHOT and after that we do build of Java 8. So this is totally the same code but label is wrong. However, java 8 build is provided just for back compatibility and should be dropped in future.

OK, so now I am confusedā€¦so a release ver.0.41.2 is actually only for Java 11 and (0.41.3 Snapshot in name only) is the java8 ā€˜flavorā€™? but both the same code with no addendumsā€¦ even though that ā€œinterimā€ update has happened before? (at least way back when)

Oh, wellā€¦ whatever it is, I guess it works :stuck_out_tongue: But I think it is time for me to update to Java 11 anyhow :wink:

For such builds we have SNAPSHOT in the name. But @maxst talks about SNAPSHOT that printed during the servers start into the console.

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Got itā€¦ SNAPSHOT is not the same as SNAPSHOTā€¦ they just look that wayā€¦ crystal clear now :laughing: (but seriously, I understand what you meen now)

@maxst sorry to confuseā€¦ got to go fry up some crow now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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