Missing Virtual Pins?

In the Blynk app I see no virtual pins for buttons, just “D0 pwm”, etc., even if I try to select “Virtual”. I see lots of examples using virtual pins on buttons. How?

Screenshots will help us understand.

I have copied two screen shots from Blynk Docs/ Getting Started/Add a Widget (http://docs.blynk.cc/#getting-started-getting-started-with-the-blynk-app-2-create-a-new-project)

The first shows Button Settings, which shows a virtual pin: V12.
This indicates that Blynk does support virtual pins for buttons.
However, Docs shows that tapping V12 to get the Select Pin screen results in no virtual pins.

That is my problem; when I tap the pin box in the first screen there are no virtual pins to select in the next screen, only digital/PWM.

The Docs version of Blynk Pin Select screen is different from mine, which is the latest. Mine has Virtual rather than Analog listed under Digital. But neither shows virtual pins.

So, again, how do I get them?

Did you try scrolling the down on the Digital / Analog part? :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

By latest do you mean version 2.8.1?

This must be a typo as your screenshot clearly shows Digital, followed by Analog… however you should also see Virtual fading at the bottom… But as your screenshot appears a slightly lower resolution (then on my phone), you may have to actually swipe up to see it on your phone.

If still not there, perhaps uninstall Blynk app and reinstall (obviously, save your project first :wink: )

@Jamin Your screenshot looks different… IOS?

Yup, iPhone6S

Oh, wait… I now see that you copied at least one of those from the docs… that is not much help to us :wink: We need to see screenshots of your phone to better assess what you are experiencing!

If swiping up doesn’t reveal the Virtual option, then can you confirm that the 2nd screenshot is yours (or supply another)… Also the app version, phone model and android version?