Missing User Data

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My Blynk server recently stopped working. If I restart my server the service starts up but all my user data is missing. I get the following in the log file.

2017-07-24 19:13:30.178 ERROR- Error parsing file '/home/pi/blynkserver/data/xxxx@gmail.com.Blynk.user'. Error : Unexpected end-of-input: expected close marker for Object (start marker at [Source: /home/pi/blynkserver/data/tomanyusers@$
 at [Source: /home/pi/blynkserver/data/xxxx@gmail.com.Blynk.user; line: 1, column: 9781]
 at [Source: /home/pi/blynkserver/data/xxxx@gmail.com.Blynk.user; line: 1, column: 4876] (through reference chain: cc.blynk.server.core.model.auth.User["profile"]->cc.blynk.server.core.model.Profile["dashBoards"]->java.lang.Object[][0]$

Any ideas what the problem might be or how to recover he user data?


I don’t have any solid idea on the error per se, however all your project data is in that file /home/pi/blynkserver/xxxx@gmail.com.Blynk.user so that is what you need to “backup”. Then once the cause of the error is cleared you could recreate the user (if required) and replace this file… that should “restore” your data, assuming the file itself is not the issue (i.e. corrupted data), in which case there should be automated backups of that same file in another folder /home/pi/blynkserver/backup


The problem was the user file. It somehow got corrupted.

After a mild panic… I remembered there is a backup folder. I restored an old backup an all is working now.


@8BALL this may happen in case your server was closed in wrong way (power issue?). Backup folder should help for now. I’ll implement back recovery when I have time.

Done with https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/issues/684.

In the next server recovery will happen automatically.

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Thanks, Dmitriy. The problem seems to be fixed now and blynk is a lot more stable.