Missing Blynk Links

I have pointed this out many times in the past… New forum users can’t seem to find these links…

Now you see them…


But scroll one click down and…

Now you don’t…


Kind of hard to blame new users for not looking for answers when they are purposely hidden for what seems like some strange UI aesthetic.


100% agree. It is so annoying, that it is easier for me to open new tab in browser, than scrolling through dozens of posts. But I KNOW the links are there… Many of “newbies” doesn’t

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+1 :slight_smile:

We’ll check if we can fix it. Thanks for reporting.

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You don’t have to scroll trough all off the post to get back to top and to see the links again.
Just click on the title of the post and you’ll be back to the first entry of the subject and you’ll also see the links that were hidden … :wink:

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But hen you have to scroll back down to the post in question :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree… my workaround was to also used a 2nd monitor and browser window so I could refer back and forth between references and the post I was helping with. But then, I knew the links were there :slight_smile:

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Yes, but…

So it is definitely easier to use another tab :rofl:

@marvin7: Strg+Pos1 and Strg+End is avail in any browser. Besides that the timeline takes you to any of the items in the topic.

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This OP is about having the links always visible and available… not about the 101 ways availed as a 2nd/3rd tier workarounds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You mean CTRL+Home and CTRL+End? Yes those are working, AND are fast enough… Yet I’m so old, I will probably stick to my (bad?) habits :rofl:

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Older topic, but still no results…

However, I recently noticed on another discourse based site a similar disappearing top bar… and their solution…

Scroll down and a new pinned bar appears with all the links…

Now that we know it is possible… :thinking:

EDIT, actually it seems we also have the new pinned bar… just need to add in all the missing links.

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