Mirror Projects

As an admin with users on my Blynk server, I’m wondering if there is a method to mirror someone’s dashboard for debugging purposes? If not mirror, perhaps ‘borrow’ their dashboard. I don’t know the end user’s password, so I can’t just log into their account.

You can “clone” a project dash by using the Clone feature.

The closest I can think of is Sharing, but something they have to initiate (and you can’t edit). Cloning will of course only give you a copy for use with your own account & hardware.

Otherwise if you both need to see, control, and modify the same project; them, because it is theirs, and you, so you can troubleshoot, then the only clear way is to log into their account.

@chernega I would set up a separate test server but as Admin you can change passwords and copy profiles etc.

What I want to do is monitor another persons house temperature. So Read Only. But I need their device ids in my project. Can’t use Clone since I think it creates new device ids. I was hoping there would be a way I could do this since I admin the server they are on.

have you looked at bridge i.e. send data from person x’s device to person y’s device?

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