Minor bug in used pins?

I just noticed that if I have a super chart running and a few other widgets, even though I’m pulling data in through various V pins for the super chart, when I go to look at the pin numbers for the other widgets (e.g. a gauge or value display), it doesn’t seem to recognise that other virtual pins are already in use for the super chart (it usually displayed “used”) next to them. I guess this could lead to confusion as people may try assigning already assigned pins.

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I think it’s a design feature :grinning:
Previously, you weren’t allowed to assign a assign a Vpin to multiple control widgets, but you could of course assign them to Superchart.

Now you can add multiple control widgets to the same Vpin, but you get a warning.


It’s handy being able to assign them to multiple widgets (say if you want the same variable in graph and gauge form) but it’d be neat if it showed which were already in use somewhere; so if I’m selecting a pin for a different variable it’s clear which ones are already in use. It might be clearer or easier to change if the pins were define globally in the app; e.g. I set a variable to V0, then where ever it appears (in which widget form) I can adjust all the widgets in one go by editing one set of parameters (pin number, maximum / minimum value etc).

I think this is because the SuperChart is more like a repeater, not an primary connection. Typically you need to have another widget using a vPin before the SuperChart will record it… and it is that other widget that gets marked as the “used” vPin.

I thought that at first but you can assign whatever you like to the super-chart as a data stream without it being a component of any other widget(s); which is a nice feature because it’d seriously limit the super-chart otherwise.

Yes… however, I believe (at least in the past) that it would only display in Live Mode… not record any data.