minkeFLIP light switch (with esp8266)

Imagine how many great things this light switch could do when paired with Blynk!

BTW: does any of you know a similar open source switch like this one? Just curious…

It’s just an ESP in a fancy case :slight_smile: Just get a wemos d1 mini with the cute little relay module and a step-down converter. boom. :grinning:

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Yeah not sure why they’re kickstarting this lol like @zeeko said, this is very very simple to make yourself! Almost elementary arduino.

Yeah, I bought a Sonoff, same thing, but cheap chinese knockoff. One of my Sonoff exploded when I added the 230ac current…



@zeeko, @Jamin: I think the reason for a kickstarter campaign for this is not because is technically difficult to make such a device, I agree with both of you that this is simple stuff.

I think it’s related to the fact that in some countries/provinces/states/cities if you build something like this yourself and you happen to hurt somebody or burn down your house you might be on your own since the insurance won’t cover this event.

Your perspective helped me understand a bit more why these guys aren’t doing very well with their campaign…