Meu minha placa fica Conectando e desconectando do Servidor

Hello everyone, I’m new here, I would like to know why my card disconnects from the Server and connects it to a maximum of 24 hours because I use the Shield ethernet card

Blynk Legacy or IoT?

What hardware exactly?


What does your serial monitor show when the disconnection occurs?

Blynk library version?


Hello I use Arduino Mega and EthernetShild and also I use Blynk app. This morning the board disconnected and not connected but I have to reset the board.!

My serial monitor can’t see it because when it’s disconnected it doesn’t connect anymore

Why are you using two different accounts on this forum?

The problem is probably caused by badly written code, but despite me asking you’ve not shared your sketch.

You are using Blynk Legacy, which will stop working in 2 months time as the Legacy cloud servers will be turned off on 31st December.


I don’t know why this is showing up on some accounts Because so far I only have one that uses that application. And you’re telling me that this app that I posted the photo will stop working on December 31st, that’s it

And as soon as I get to my house I’ll share my sketch. And another this means that all the programming I did the Arduino and bought energy will all be in vain from December 31st

Okay, I’ve suspended your @EduardoSantinosilva forum account, as both accounts are being used from the same IP address they are clearly both you. Please don’t create any new forum accounts.

I’ve pointed out that the version of Blynk you are using will stop working at the end of the year.
I asked you a number of questions in my first post, most of which you’ve chosen not to answer, so yes, that’s it from me until you provide more information.

As far as the energy you’ve bought in the Legacy app, it’s not transferable to Blynk IoT.
Your code may be fairly simple to migrate to Blynk IoT, unless it’s badly written code that is causing your disconnection issues, in which case it will also cause disconnections in Blynk IoT.


What email did you suspend?

Não é que eu optei por não responder pois estava no meu local de trabalho e assim que eu tivesse um tempo eu ia responder

I didn’t suspend an email, I suspended the @EduardoSantinosilva forum account as I stated.




Agora nao sei que está acontecendo pois esta conta do fórum e a mesma de sempre que eu utilizo desde quando instalei o app.

Eu estava analisando o novo sistema e percebi que ele só funciona com esp. Vocês tem previsão de quando vão usar o EthernetShild?

What makes you think that Blynk IoT doesn’t work with the Ethernet shield?

As far as your Blynk community forum accounts are concerned, you created the one that you are currently using in November 2019, then created another one (which you used to creat this topic, but which I’ve since disabled) on 20th October of this year.