Merging multiple int into a string for table widget

I run this project on a raspberry pi with c++
I need to create a row in a table that display this information
int day= 9; int month= 1; int t=2; double data= 13.12312;
(day, month and t are int variable day goes from 1-31, month 1-12, t 1-3)
(data is a double that goes from 0-100)
My table need to look like this Name: 9/1 2 , Value: 13.1
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "add", id, "Name", "Value");
Is there any way to display the data like that?

I’d suggest using sprintf() to put the information for “name” and “value” into a properly formated string.

Thanks now it works fine but I’m not able to use the table widget inside device tiles :sleepy: but I’m pretty sure is a Blynk bug.
Can someone try to see if it works?