Menu Items will not display when I click down arrow in top Menu?

NEW iPAD 9.7 with iOS 10.3.3. Blynk’s latest iOS app downloaded.

Do I have to have my ESP8266 connected to see Menu Items pop up when I click on the down arrow in top Menu? If not, please tell me how to view the Menu Items on the grid to see the layout.

I think you are referring to using a Menu Widget… OK, You add/edit Menu Items from within the App in Edit Mode, so you probably don’t need any hardware actively connected.

However, the iOS app does have some differences from the Android version… and the iPad may be even more different.

I will have to defer any further ideas as I am all out of Apples to chew on.

[SOLVED] Your screen shots alerted me to a solution. As a newbie, I was confused on Menus.


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