Mega+esp8266+ blynk 2

Dear John,
ESP8266_Lib.h not included in new blynk version? I havent seen any migrating about it in link which you pasted.
On the latest version that “ESP8266_Lib.h” give error that no such dictonary.

I have recomment Pete topic also,

" Dear Pete, Thanks for this topic.
Where is "ESP8266_Lib.h " library?
I am using the latest version of Blynk library, but writing that “ESP8266_Lib.h: No such file or directory”.
On this topic (2016 year) : Where to I find “ESP8266_Lib.h” library?
[vshymanskyy] wrote this - This library will appear in new library release.
For now, just use the latest release: Release v1.3.2 · blynkkk/blynk-library · GitHub

Still not updated library?"