Max lifetime of stopped project

@Dmitriy, what is the maximum lifetime of an inactive (stopped) project on the blynk cloud server? also, what is the maximum lifetime of an unused user account on blynk server? i didn’t find such info in the docs…

i would like to build a project which will be used only in winter time, say from november to march. so, with an inactivity time of 7-8 months every year. that would be deleted?


Well, there is no strict policies. We just do that when we have the small amount of space left and don’t want to increase maintenance cost.

i didn’t imagined this. that is not good practice… at least from the user point of view.

you should have some strict time frames for unused projects and unused accounts, like every email / service provider. even a shorter time frame - if it’s documented and known - it is much better than an unknown / unsure long timeframe.

and also, you should send a notification email to the users some weeks before definitely deleting an account / project. thus, lots of later discussion and complication could be eliminated… especially for the users who bought energy.

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Agree :slight_smile:.

well, that’s reassuring… :slight_smile:

if i do not stop a project in the app (with the stop / play icon), but the hw is offline for a long period, it gets deleted?

Your Cinderfella to-do list just keeps getting bigger, thankfully you make the big bucks :smiley:

And I want a postcard from the scenic server location, personally signed with an apology for potentially deleting my unused project… oh, wait, I use Local Server :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m glad @Gunner that you have souch a good time here :smile:

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