Map widget my location not working inside device tile

I am having a very simple issue in Map widget.
On simply adding the widget and turning “Show my Location” to YES, it is perfectly showing my location.

But adding the same inside the “Device Tiles” tempelate and turning “Show my Location” to YES, it is not showing my location and only showing 0,0 lat, long.

Board - ESP8266
Code- Not required (just add Device Tiles and widget).

Let me know any further details required.

Thank you

iOs / Android? App’s version?

Latest blynk version on Android

Can’t speak for what OPs “latest” version number is, but I can confirm same issue on “latest” (AKA updated 12/11/2018) Android beta version 2.27.1

Seems to work fine on iOS 2.25.0 (3)

Version 2.27.0 Android

Also I updated to 2.27.1 but still the problem is same.

Any update on the issue ?

You need to join beta and try 2.27.2 build, I suppose it will be released to production till the end of February