Manual OR remote working together on a switch

Hello My Dear Friends

I´m trying to install a system to control a simple light
This theoric system shall work like OR port
I mean control a light by switch or by blynk remote
but I don´t know how to read the state before change by remote
For instance, If I turn on the light manually by switch
and later turning off remote by blynk
How can blynk to know that the light is on or off?
Can blynk read the state before give me options to turn on or off?
in that context I understand that first I must assign a pin to read state

I’m trying to do this with ESP8266-01 alone no Arduino
This ESP8266-01 has 2 GPIO that I can to use one for read an one for control
but how can I do for use 2 GPIO in just one Blynk Button?

Is this possible to do?

Regards and Thanks for read me
Now I going to bed to think in it, while dream
Greetings from Santiago de Chile

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Hello. At the moment Blynk itself can’t do that. So you have to read state manually from related pin. And on button click you have to do a check. We will implement this in month-or-two. So stay tuned.

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Hi Artagan,

I work in the same proyect.

I resolve this problem as follow:

Read the ping 8 connected to button
so when the button was press i can read the value and evaluate the next action, in my case, change the lastStatus variable
finally writhe the status in other ping in this case 9, whit digitalWrite (9,lastStatus); and this ping is connect to the led o rele.

In the blynk project the button is set to the ping 8 to simulate the button.


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