Manual IP configuration

I want to configure the IP manually on MKR ETH shield on MKR WIFI1010.
When use " Blynk.begin(auth); " it use DHCP and overwrite manual settings. Connection ok with no problem.
When use " Blynk.begin(auth, server_ip, 8080, arduino_ip, dns_ip, gateway_ip, subnet_mask, arduino_mac); " I get " Invalid auth token" message.

Appreciate on any suggestion.

What server IP are you using?
How did you obtain that IP address?


Hi Pete
I got as response of “ping

And is this a Blynk Legacy project?


I believe not. I am a new user and just trying to understand the platform.
Mobile app is Blynk IoT and web site I signed in is


In that case you need to ping to obtain the IP address.


how? “ping” could not find host :slight_smile: Is there a list of IPs for different regions.


Just in my case

That’s because I said to ping and you pinged instead.


Now, it is ok! Thanks a lot for the support. It works how expected.

Thanks Alegz. Seems we are using same sever.