Making virtual LEDs work


I am trying to make a virtual LED work, but with this code it stays on all the time. I have checked the Serial Port and know that ““TAKLYS”” actually changes, so that’s not the problem. I probably made a mistake in the Senduptime void, but there are no good examples out so i can’t really check. I’m kinda new to all this so bear with me.

void sendUptime(){ if (TAKLYS=1){ Blynk.virtualWrite(0,250); //Turn on Virtual LED on V0 }else{ Blynk.virtualWrite(0,0); //Turn off Virtual LED on V0 }}

Any suggestions?
(EDIT: I’m using arduino btw, in case that was unclear)

if (TAKLYS==1){

I would also make the 250, 255.



Should be TAKLYS==1

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@Costas @Dmitriy Oh wow, I did not see that. worked like a charm, thank you!