Make Blynk faster

Short question: Does Blynk goes faster if I would use a raspery pi zero as a local blynk server in comparison to the public Blynk cloud. I have noticed that for example if I want dim an LED there is usually a large delay between the entering input on Blynk app and the finally output from my micocontroller.
Thanks in the meantime, and keep on programming :rofl:
Hannes :point_right:

@Hannes.P hello. yes. this is actually the main point of using the private server - it will be as fast as possible. By the way - where are you geographically and what is your login email? We have servers in 3 regions (us, eu, asia) so it should be more or less quick. What ping to shows?

Hey Dmitriy, I am from the second best county on earth called Italy. :wink:
When I upload a sketch and open Serial monitor I get a pin of 60ms but in reality it is sure longer…
Could you please tell me how to install the library for RTC. Now I am trying out RCT. Which file I need to copy in the library folder from arduino ide? I think I made during the installation from it an error because I can not adjust the time and data. I have usually the 1.1.1970 and the time count every 10 sec 10 up but I do not see sny real time, which I adjust in sketch. I used the RTC sketch from Sketchbuilder.

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