Mails can not get reports

My account is using a msn-dot-com email and I could not use it for getting reports. Since some weeks ago any more so, I have to create a new report including an additional email - -. I get the report in this last mail but I can not get it in my mail. Could you please help me to solve this? In some case, for instance when I sent a report directly from the SuperChart, I can not include additional emails.

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Is this using cloud or local server?

I just tried creating and running a simple report (using cloud server) and sending it to my .msn email account, which worked perfectly.

Is it possible that the report is over the maximum allowable size for MSN?
MSN has a limit of 10MB while Gmail has a 25Mb limit.

Edited to add - just thought about this a bit more, and realised that I’m talking crap (again :roll_eyes:), as it’s not the actual report that’s sent, it’s just a link to download it.

I assume you’ve checked your junk mail?


File is just 65KB and I recently test it.

I got gmail dot com but I did not get msn dot com. it could help if I can change my email account from msn to gmail.

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I am using Cloud. I do not have Local Server.