Machine to Machine

Im Running the latest Blynk on Android
I have 1 elegoo uno r3 with ethernet shield
I have 1 arduino uno r3 with ethernet shield

My first board has a motion sensor , this activates a buzzer ,it also has a temperature and humidity sensor, and a real time clock module . This board is constantly connected to Blynk and updating my widgets without fail . No problem here.

My second board has a NFC scanner module and an LCD Module .

I want to communicate between them with a bridge.

When the NFC scanner reads a known card I want the buzzer on the other board to be deactivated

Currently Im thinking I can change the value of a specific variable and only sound the buzzer if that variable is 1 .

Anyone any suggestions or examples of similar configurations ??

Are the two boards physically close to each other?


Hi Pete,

Yes there both connected on the same Lan

Having them on the same LAN doesn’t necessarily mean that they are physically close to each other.
If they are within a few feet of each other then you could potentially connect two GPIO pins together and use an interrupt or poll the pin on the receiving device.


Agreed, sorry my bad, I need the communication to be network based.
Ill work more on it tomorrow and if I find a work around ill share it . Thanks pete

You don’t need to find a “workaround”, you need to to use Bridge code as you originally surmised.
It’s just that this is a bit trickier than a direct pin to pin solution because it’s not as intuitive.


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