Lower case on widget name

(Can we use?) Lower case on widget name

The title is not where your question or commentary go.

Assuming this was your question… NO, for whatever reason all UPPERCASE is all we can do for now in the Widgets LABEL

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That’s a shame and perhaps in a future release it could be changed.


If like my app I track kWh on a widget it appears as KWH. What happens then in the community with people who understand the use of lower case would not accept that change on a commercial app. I’m cool about mine but have to defend the use of upper case when showing my system and app to others in the know.

This is only the development side… and constantly in flux. Any commercial version you contracted for would likely have whatever you format you needed.

Meanwhile there is a new 2.0 version being mentioned a few times, so we will eventually see what that has for options.