Lost energy

Today I saw that labeled Value widget is 400 energy cost if you buy it and only 200 when you sell it.
I saw when I reorganised my project and replaced 4 Labeled Value L with 4 Labeled Value M.
I use IOS 10.0.2.
I am sure that is some error
Thank you

Yes. It is error in label (already fixed, will be in next update). However server does all operations. So it is +400 and -400.

Well, I lost today 800 energy. It is good to know if it’s regenerable to avoid another change in my project till update

What do you mean by lost? As I said it is only wrong label.

I am not absolutely sure that I lost energy today, beacause i saw wrong label later after changes.
But I compute my energy “value” of my projects and added remaining energy. Total was 13500.
I bought 13000 and I remember I had some free energy, more than 500.
My problem is not lost energy, I am understanding developing problems.
Mainly I want to send feedback to you about this problem.
Huge fan of your work!

Ah. Ok. Thank you for explanation. There is always chance for bug, so if you are 100% sure and can reproduce please tell us we will restore your energy in case problem is really there.

I’ve made a test. I bought a labeled value and after that I delete it
My energy remains the same.
So what I “labeled” lost energy didn’t happened today, maybe before.
Still, math explained in my last post says that sometimes before it happened some “leak”.
Anyway thank you for your quik answer