Lost connection to app

I am using blynk to water my plants in Umbria, Italy from the Netherlands, everything worked fine up to about three weeks ago at that moment the App lost connection.
Currently this is a bit of an issue because of the lockdown in Italy nobody is allowed to go to my house to check things out.
This is my setup:
WIFI network with TP link M7350 mobile router.
Arduino Yun running Blynk
The mobile WIFI network is not the problem because on the same network I have a Phillips hue bridge that I can still access thru the Hue cloud service.
It looks like if the bridge between linux and arduino just stopped working.
The linux side of the yun is still ‘alive’ as it is still updating the DDNS service thru noip.com (Last IP adress update is from april 4)
Is there a way to simply give the Yun a remote reboot command thru Blynk?

Regards Willem