Lost code from PC malfunction

I have been working on a project recently and my PC malfunctioned and I lost all of my recent 3 weeks of code. I do have it uploaded to my Nodemcu 12E ESP8266 but am not sure if I can get the code downloaded from it. Does anyone know if if is possible to get the code back off of the ESP8266 or am I stuck rewriting the code that is missing? Thank you for any help.

@jx2b.graham you can recover the flash from the MCU to put on other MCU’s but you wouldn’t have the actual sketch to ever be able to modify it.

Oh NO!
I feel for you. I’m always paranoid about that happening. I hope it’s not too much to rewrite.

On the bright side, you will probably write it better second time around.

For sure it will be better, and easier, second time around.

You probably remember much of what your project(s) did but as a starting point you probably still have the project tokens that you sent from the app to your email account. If it you had a fairly complex project(s) then


will give all the project details in json format to use as a check list when you start re-coding.
Edit: but I guess you still have this in a more user friendly version as your Smartphone will still have the projects.

Thanks for the help, I am just going to rewrite it as like you said I will do it better. I was only doing increment testing before my final project it done so at least it wasn’t everything. Just FYI I am working on a project for my dogs. I have heat lamps and misters setup outside and am building a device to either heat up the dog house or mist the dog run all based off of the temp outside. I am thinking about doing something with a PIR too but not sure if I want to include it.


PIR’s are really weird, I’m trying to setup one now to detect if there is someone at the door, but so far it’s being a pain in the ass :slight_smile:

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