Lost 1000 Energy Points trying to share access

Tried to Share Access, generated a link to share it. And the share didn’t work at that time… Then I attempted to re-share the same project and the previously deducted 1000 energy points never got restored… Now I’m running 1000 points less :anguished:

Could you please explain what it means:
“It didn’t work that time…” We’d like to investigate.

When you start sharing - there is a warning that Energy for sharing is non-refundable. Maybe you are using old app version.

The project I tried to share is already a shared project with someone else… so I’m trying to share the same project again with the QR code…

I shared access… But the other person’s camera has focusing issues and I couldn’t share it, that time. I turned share access off and back on. And tried to share again email not using QR directly from my phone… so the climax is, the person I tried to share access with, never got the project shared and my 1000 energy is gone…

Then before a few weeks he got a new mobile and I shared the project again… It did ask for 1000 remaining energy while sharing but didn’t actually use it after sharing, probably since it’s an already shared project…

Could you please explain this:

Secondly, I still don’t understand what’s the issue. Was energy charged twice or what?

Sorry, but it’s not clear. If you think there is a bug - what’s the bug then? Sharing itself or energy issues.

Looks like everything worked, no?


Similar problem for me.

Shared to my wife. It worked. Some days later I changed one of the display widgets on my app. It worked for me but not for my wife. Project opened but there was no values. Hardware was wrong on her device (mega while mine is nano). Changed to nano but still no values. Noticed that mine now had gone to “shared off”. Changed to “shared on”. Did not help. She removed the app, reinstalled and added the project again. Now the three balls just runs forever with text “server connection was closed try connect later”.

Not sure if I lost 1000 point.

Edit: MY project app works perfectly all the time.

Thanks for reporting. We will need more details. Which smartphones you have? OS versions?

@Dmitriy @BlynkAndroidDev @ashvetsov please check. Thanks

I have Galaxy Note 2. Kitkat 4.4.2
My wife has Galaxy S5. Version 5.0

I don’t know if it matters. The hardware wakes every 15 minutes turn on and makes WiFi connection, reports a temperature to blynk, turns off WiFi module and go back to sleep.

Happened to me twice, firstly I contacted blynk team via email and I got support (they refund me points), after that I got the error again but they dont reply my emails anymore…

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

We have a lot of various requests as you can imagine. Yours will be definitely resolved soon.

I keep waiting with patience, I have purchased some energy, but Im not confident of using it for sharing a project.

@Dmitry could you please take a look. Thanks.

@Pavel This is expected behaviour.

From docs:

WARNING: Sharing costs 1000 energy and this energy is not recoverable even you didn’t use sharing at all.

Please update apps on all the phones and try sharing again. If it doesn’t work or you encounter any issues - we will issue a $1 refund for the lost energy or refill your account. Whatever you prefer.

It works perfectly on all the devices we test with, so if it’s a bug we need to reproduce it.

Same here … I just lost 1000 points sharing my project with my dad … It automatically turned off access when I turned it on for the first time … and now it’s working on the second attempt. But i lost my precious 1000 Energy :zap: Points :cry:!

But you are sharing your project, right? The feature is working correctly.

Yes, sharing activation is not refunded. There is a notification about it before activation.

yes i know but why did it turned off by it self on the first time wasting my 1000 points which i was talking about ?
and yes its shared now but its shared after spending 2000 points in total !!