Loss of Energy


I seem to be losing energy.
I was trying to switch to the a new phone.
I am using blynk 2.27.29 on both phones.

I have 3 apps running. I scanned the first qr code after logging in with the same account on the new phone. The app (#1) was cloned correctly.

I tried that with the app #2 and got an error that said I don’t have enough energy.
Sounded strange as I thought energy was associated with the account, not the phone, but I said okay let me delete the app I just cloned and a test app I had on the old phone.

My credit on the old phone went up to 2000 on the old phone (although I feel it should have gone further up, I can’t tell as I didn’t count the widgets). Same issue. Ok, le

I tried the qr code again. Same message and my energy is at 500 on the new phone and at 2000 on old one.

I then tried to share the qr codes, saving them and delete the app I am trying to transfer. No luck.

After reading the forums I decide to log out and back in. Now both my phones have 500 energy :frowning: and I no longer have app #2 on either phone and app #1 and #3 are now on new and old phone respectively and I am stuck…

Please help. What did I do wrong?


Update app #2 and 3 are now gone.
Only the app that I had successfully cloned now appears in both phones.

Can you only be logged in on one phone at a time?

Did i just lose all my energy?

I guess I have to now redo the two apps in the new phone…

You’ve approached this from entirely the wrong angle.

All you needed to do was to log in to your new phone with the same credentials as you used on your old phone and your projects would have been available.
You can be logged-in on multiple phones/tablets at the same tine, and use them simultaneously.

Importing a cloned project will create a copy, and will require the energy for these additional widgets.
It sounds like you need to delete these cloned projects.

Also, if you’ve created a shared copy of any of your projects then this will have cost you a non-refundable 1000 energy units, but you would have been warned about this in advance.


Thanks Pete, but I did login on my account on the new phone and the projects were not available in the first place, which is why I tried to clone them.

Regardless, the energy should not have disappeared, correct?

I now have only one project overall on both phones signed in in the same account and no energy has been restored. I used to have 4 fairly elaborate ones.

I am fairly open to the idea that it was my mistake and that I would have to rebuild the UI, but I can’t do that without the energy, which is my main problem, hence the subject.

Thanks for your help.


No, importing cloned projects uses energy, and that’s what you’ve done.

Do you have multiple Blynk accounts?
Did your new phone show your energy balance before any imports?


I only have one blynk account.
I didn’t check the balance before.

When you said:

Did you mean that you had one app/account with three projects?

How many projects exist in your app now?

When you cloned your apps, did you keep screenshots of the QR codes?


I had one account and one app with 3 projects (plus one dev project that I used to test new things or debug).

One project cloned fine. One project I kept a qr code of. The third I am unclear on how it disappeared between the two phones. The dev project I obviously don’t care about.

And sorry, didn’t answer your question. My app (on both phones) now only has 1 project and 500 energy credits.