Looking for prototype board with multiple analog inputs

Can anyone recommend a prototype board with multiple (10 to 16) analog inputs? OI have an idea for a project with lots of sensors.

When dealing with ADC its always recommended you breakout of the main dev board unless you are just messing with 1 or 2 analog sensors.

I’d recommend these 16-bit, 16 channel ADC breakouts:


Equilivant 8 channel version


You can also search their range here


These guys are the only ones who offer low-cost 16channel breakouts with I2C

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You must be in the same boat as I! I was looking around for something and stumbled upon this:

I’ve been using ESP-01 and WeMos devices, but have never played with connecting one to an Arduino device, such as a Mega which looks to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 analog pins and 54(!) digital pins.

I wish someone made a board like the Mega with ESP8266 baked in, but we’ll see what the responses are!

There is… however, so far is seems just as difficult to get to function on Blynk as one would expect with any hybrid… just search the word Robotdyn in the forum to see a few of the threads.


I’m still waiting for mine, so I’ll report back how it works. But I did order one because it seems really good to have a board like this. One could make it with the Shield or use the Arduino as shield to the ESP.

More to follow!

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