Login to local server in local network and external network

Hello everyone, it turns out that I have a local server with a raspberry pi 2 and I configured the ports to be able to access the server from any network.

The access to the public ip from an external network works for me without problems, but the case is when I am connected to the local network, it does not access.

What can I do to be able to access the local server from my local network and external network?

Thank you very much.

Network problems in general, and routing problems in particular, are hard for someone else to troubleshoot for you. There is just to many variables and a “network unreachable” error is too generic.

You’ll have to bite the bullet and try to figure it out yourself. https://portforward.com/ has guides for a variety of different network setups and routers.

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Look up NAT loopback. Worst case scenario is that your router will not allow you to do this.

okay, thank you very much.

I’ll have to call my provider to make sure of that, thank you very much.