Login external difficulties


Maybe I’m missing something here. I’ve set up my own BLYNK server - latest version. All works a treat.

I’ve set up a port redirection - so that xxxxxx.com port 8443 points to my Raspberry Pi running Blynk.

Works a treat using the EXTERNAL ADDRESS.

But inexplicably when I LEAVE THE HOUSE the app will not log in.

I don’t understand why.

A friend of mine has BLYNK running on a Digital Ocean Droplet - has replicated my setup and cannot register with the server.

All I have done is drop in the two .JS files, created a mail properties file (which works a treat) and nothing else.

Am I missing something - again with the EXTERNAL address it all works a treat as long as I am within my internal WIFI network - but on 3g with a known good signal - nothing.



Is it public host? Did you buy it in hostname provider? Can you ping it outside of your network? Have you mapped this domain name to your router external IP?

Most probably you mapped your domain name to local IP (accessible only within your network) not Global IP.

No Dmitry, the domain name I already have some incoming connections - to my local addresses using port redirects for remote controls and IP cameras - all work a treat - I’ve simply added 8443 and directed that to 8443 on my PI2. So it works strangely for the APP but when I move outside of my network it doesn’t… I can only imagine that perhaps somehow caused by the internal secure port code in the JS file?? I’ve no idea how it knows whether I’m in the house or out of it on 3G… all my other gadgets with redirects work a treat.

To clarify - the subdomain is mapped to my public fixed IP. So all I have to do is map specific ports to specific gadgets in my workshop here. I can access the likes of my MQTT server externally… and my cameras - saves having separate setups on the phone for internal and external - I just access them all externally - except that Blynk isn’t having it if I am outside on 3G.

Ok. Than please post server logs here.

See my other post today - I can’t get the logs to work - I’ve started again from scratch and the server is not installing the logs where the -dataFolder directive is instructing.

Logs itself are separate from “datafolder”. And default logs folder is “./logs”. You could change this via “logs.folder” property of server.properties file. Check advanced sever setup.