Log in do not works / Help needed

Dear all,
i want to log in on a second Tablet.
But now the Log in do not works.
I note in the past my password, but the log in says.
Incorrect Password.
Ok, then i Start in Blynk " Forgot password.
I type my email adress and get an Blynk Mail with Link.
I start the link for Password restoration for your Blynk account.
But then the Webside says: Invalid request parameters.

So , i have no chance to log in or Reset the Password.
But for the password on Blynk App.
Iam 100% sure that i have the right one.
Because i make a Note on Paper.

Any idea , how i can log in or reset the Password ?

If you are talking about the old blynk platform that the blynk legacy, and if you have left the account dormant for many months…… the account will be deleted. And now new registrations are stopped on the legacy version, and people are migrating to the all new blynk IoT.

yes correct
and you allready login 1device same email adress and password that same id didnt work with another
mobile unless you share the project

best regards

HI, sorry i do not understand what you mean.
Yes, I have Blynk since a long time on my phone and the App works fine.
I use it every day with the project I made in the past.
I never log in more since , I thing. one year. This because all works fine
I want to try for month with a second device, but i do not really try until now.

Here I tell you my Blynk Version on my mobile phone.
2.27.32 (04.09.2021 20:45:54)

What must I do now ?

Best regards

That is incorrect, you can log in from multiple devices at the same time.


My guess is that you are using the incorrect email address.

In the legacy app where you are logged-in, click the left arrow icon in the top left hand side of the app banner, then the [i] icon in the top right. It will show your email address that relates to your account.
Try this on your second device, with the password that you wrote down.


Dear Pete , i double check.
The email adress is correct.
I try again with Password restoration in the app.
I get the Email from Blynk, but the Link do not works, further.
Uuih, Uuih… any other ideas.

One Question, what does all mean with legacy ?
This is older ?
Have i something missed in news .
I know since last week, that I do not get Newsletter from blynk, because of Spam Filter.

I never care about , because all I made in the past works so fine and perfect :slight_smile:

Best Regards

No, not really. The password will be case sensitive, so ensure that you’re typing it correctly.

The app and library you are using at the moment are now no longer supported. They have been replaced by Blynk IoT (sometimes known as Blynk 2.0 or New Blynk) with a new subscription model and many new features.


Ok, I understand. I will read on Blynk Website more about the new Blynk.

But one question in advance , can I import my old Project to the new one.
And how long works my old project ?
So this time all works fine. Understand I in the right way, that only the support is not more given.
But in works further ( the old App ?)


No, but blynk legacy sketch should work with blynk IOT after some modifications.
Read this Migrating to the new Blynk - Full Guide - Blynk Documentation

Nobody knows. Originally Blynk said that the Legacy cloud servers would be turned off at the end of this year, but now they’ve said that they don’t know when this will happen.

The old app is not accepting new sign-ups, and won’t be updated to work with new versions of the mobile OS.


Pete, if my “old” Blynk works fine and the project is on my mobile phone.
You say no further support.
But it works, until today.
Must I hurry and do something .
Was the old version shutdown in near time ?

What I want to say is, how long i can use the existing old project with the old app ?
Again, until today , all works fine … The old App and my project works with the Blynk server
and the Token from the past.

Must i be scared, that my complete Homeregulation do not work someday ?

Pete, just overlapped…
So high time for the update to the new Blynk.

One last question.
but the program on the µcontrollers like ESP32 can stay?
I read , with some little modifications. right ?

So good that I try today to log in with a second device.
Maybe without this question today, my project and regulation will stop and do not works.
Now , i have the time to swap to new Blynk.


Correct, although it does depend on whether you use Bridge, RTC and Timer widgets in Legacy. These may require more work, and the old Table widget is not currently supported in IoT.


Thanks a lot , Pete.
The rest i will read in documention.

If I then have questions or troubles , i come back to the forum.
Best regards