Local sever sending odd Hardware pm on startup


I’m trying to write/debug a library to allow my hardware to interface to a Blynk server.

Currently, I’m testing locally running version 0.5 of the server software.

I have one project, that has two graphs on it. These of these graphs and the hardware use v1 and v2 to communicate.

When my hardware establishes the connections and does the login, the server sends it a hardware command (20) with a pm in the signal body. There is no pin number supplied just the pm.

Everything else seems to work correctly. What is the purpose of this initial pm? Currently I’m ignoring it, what should I be doing with it?


Wow Nick, well done! I didn’t expect someone will find this =). Indeed this is a bug, but bug in Apps. It is already in our todo list, but as it is not critical it has low priority.

Anyway thanks for your report!