Local server updates .. bridge & projects

Two questions here.

Does the local server mode handle bridge connections?

I have updated from .2 to .4, and my esp’s no longer show as connected, although the auth tokens are the same. Do projects need rebuilding after local server updates?

I am just about to clear everything and start afresh, but would like to know if this is really going to be necessary.



No. How did you stop the server?

1 Ok… confirms bridge should work with server.

2 I obviously did not shut the server down correctly. Could you confirm the correct method please?

All info greatly appreciated… thanks

Well, correct method is “kill”. But I’m not sure regarding Win. Which OS do you use?

I’m using a local pi server … so it looks like a kill to me … thanks

Well, in that case you don’t need to recreate projects. So it is an open question, why you have to.

Well, I obviously didn’t shut it down properly, so when I rebooted with the new server version, it didn’t find what it needed and I had to create a new account for it.

No problem anyway. My projects are simple enough at the moment. I just wanted to know for sure, so that I knew it was my problem.