Local Server Script Problem

Hello everyone.
I’m pretty new with Blynk and Arduino in general. I don’t have any wifi or ethernet shield, so I’m trying to use the App using Arduino connected to my macbook with the USB. I’ve tried following this tutorial but when I try to launch the script, it says “No such file or directory”

This is the command I’m using on Terminal:

“sudo /Users/Orion/Documents/Arduino/libraries/blynk-library-0.2.1/scripts/blynk-ser.sh”

and if I try without sudo, it says “Permission denied”.

What am I doing wrong? Please help and sorry if I’m a newbie.

EDIT: can’t seem to find how delete this thread. Anyway I’ve found a solution: simply use “bash” before the path, instead of sudo. To make it work, it will ask you to install “socat” which I’ve installed with macports (“sudo ports install socat”). Hope this can be useful to someone else.