Local server only available at

Dear all
I’ve just installed a local Blynk server on a raspberry pi 3
Everything is OK, I get the “Blynk server successfully started” message
I wanted to access the admin page, but when I use the IP address ( I cannot connect to the server (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error)
If I use address, I can access the admin page
I guess it’s a configuration issue but I could not find where to fix it ?

Hello. You need to use 9443 port.


thank you for the quick answer
I don’t understand the 9443 port
the tutorial says “you open the administration interface at https://IP_BLINK_SERVER:7443/admin”, and i did access it on the 7443 port on ?

Properly an older tutorial… look at the official, and most current, server instructions I posted above.

What tutorial?