Local server on nodemcu

Hello! I’m working on a project with nodemcu esp8266 and i won’t have access to wifi.Is there a way to get a local server working on the nodemcu and if there is how do i do that?Thank you in advance

I hope that i am wrong but i don’t think it is possible yet.

so you can’t directly connect to the esp/ nodemcu?

So you can run your local server with your pc or raspberry pi,but you can’t create blynk server on your NodeMCU.

What you mean? [quote=“levaka5459, post:3, topic:10386”]
directly connect to the esp/ nodemcu

Well ok thank you but, can i run server on UDOO Quad.I think it can use raspbian or smth like that.

If you can run Java on your device,you can run blynk server on it. Maybe in the future devices like NodeMCU will able to run java.

Well ok ill think up of something else.So thank you.Uh is there a way to kind of close this thread?

@levaka5459 “Need Help With …” threads are never closed. Only the “Issues and Errors” threads are moved to the Solved section when the issue is resolved.

Just to be clear when you say ‘WiFi’ do you mean internet access or wireless router access?

If you have a wireless router you can run Blynk without internet access. If your project is battery powered maybe you are not able to use a router, but some are very low powered these days.

@Costas I mean that there will be no access to a router nor internet access. It’s like in the middle of nowhere.

Routers can run on batteries like ESP’s.

Well i have hc-5 and hc-06 so i think one of those might work better.