Local Server not connected to the cloud and Energy


I’m using Blynk in a commercial environment and so i set up a local server on a RasperBerry Pi 3. The WiFi is configured as AP and I connect with my mobile direct to this AP/Server.

Now I run out of Energy and bought 5000 via In-App purchasment. I see the new Energy when i connect to the Blyn cloud server but not on my local one. How do i get the Energy to my local one?

Thanks in Advance

They are two seperate things. You can alter the amount of energy on a local server by editting the user file. I think this is the method to use, but maybe @Dmitriy can confirm (it works on one of my local servers, other one keeps flipping back to 2000 energy, but that is my fault I think).


Yes, you have to change it via admin, not file :wink:

Ah, so that is the trick :slight_smile:

Well, it still works on one of my servers but not the other, same version, but I’ll try that. I have been looking for it, but couldn’t find it, can you give us a screen shot of where it is in the admin panel?