Local server login

Hi all,
I have a local server running on a Pi3 it all works fine most of the time but for two issues.

  1. Sometimes I can’t access the server admin page, I’ve checked my server properties file and made sure that I’m using the right login details but it still won’t log me in, the admin IP is set to so it shouldn’t block me and I’m logging in from the same pi3. What’s odd about this is that sometimes it works and sometimes not. Anyone else had similar issues?

  2. If the server has to restart because of a reboot then it loads an old version of the app project, I’ve checked all the user files and can’t find an old version that it seems to load. If I login in to the admin page and change the user details it will restart with the right file but even though I save the changes the next time it restarts it loads this old version. Anyone know where it might be storing this old file version? I’ve searched around the drive but can’t find anything.

I’m not able to upload any files right now as I’m away from my machine for the moment.

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