Local server and mail

I was wondering if the Mail Widget also works with the local server? When I examine the logs of starting the server local I see "example@gmail.com" and the gmail smtp server. Is it possible to change those and use it via my local Blynk server?

I’ve been reading some of the FAQ and server documentation, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

Congratulations! You are the first person who reached that point during local server setup =)! Added instruction to readme.

Haha, thank you!

I will try it when at home. I couldn’t get certificates to work so I’m (at the moment…) not able to open up the server to the world, so local mail facilities will do fine. Thanks again!

Just a little notice when using gmail smtp, you have to setup Gmail to allow less secured applications.

It may be worth noting this in the documentation @Dmitriy :slight_smile:

It was so many days ago that I don’t remember =). Do you know where those property in gmail settings?

Go here:


And then click “Allow less secure apps”.

I didn’t really have to time to figure out the e-mail function for local server, but it appears to be working fine btw. My wife is starting her new fishtank, so I have to e-mail her when the temperature is off, lol.

Cool. Thank you for help! Doc. updated.

Hi, I don´t know how to Generate SSL certificates
I read this but I don´t know what to do
please help me
I’m using a Windows 7 machine


If you are using Google 2 Step Verification which you must do for certain Google apps, you must also follow this set up procedure

I have not tried this, only read about it as I followed this post.