Local installed Blynk server don't allows to login

• Arduino UNO Mega 2560 with ESP8266 Shield
• iOS 12.1.4
• local server 0.41.1 - also tested with 0.41.2/3
• Blynk Library version - newest 0.6.1

My sketch and the access via smartphone run as expected. So far all works fine, Local Blynk server sends email, etc.

But I can not longer login to the local Blynk server panel itself https://xxxxx:9443 and I understand not why, because this was possible as I’ve setup the local server on my raspberry pi 3 and until today I changed nothing on my setup.

Very strange is that I can use my credentials successfully with the smartphone but not via browser login (Chrome and also IE). If I enter my credentials in the browser nothing happens.

Please give me a hint what I can do to reenable the login to the server panel.

Best regards


OR double check the server property option to make sure it still matches


It doesn’t matter if the url https://xxxxx:9443/admin is used or only https://xxxxx:9443.

I didn’t changed the server property, but I was able to fix it.

Making my normal user to a super user again. No idea why this has changed in the meantime.