Local blynk server + app

Hi community !

There’s new Blynk app, i think it don’t work with local server. Local server is abadonned ?

If yes, how i can keep safe app for local server ?



Legacy local server is no longer supported.

The legacy apps will be removed from the app/play stores at the end of this month. Apps installed on existing mobile devices will continue to be available, but you won’t be able to easily install the app on a new mobile device.
If you’re an iOS user then this will require jailbreaking the phone to install a copy of the legacy app.
It’s easier for Android users, by side-loading a .apk for the old app.

However, you’ll ultimately reach a point where the OS on new mobile devices don’t support the old app, so you’ll be forced to stick with an old phone/tablet, or keep an old one running just to access Blynk.
Also, as the local server software won’t be updated to deal with new vulnerabilities or to work with new versions of Java, you’ll eventually have problems there too.


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I will keep safe one android and app !

Thanks !