Local Blynk Server and Node-Red

I built a robot using Blynk on IOS and a local Blynk server running on a Rasp Pi last summer. This uses Node-Red with Websockets running on a network that is not connected to the internet. Worked great!

Tried to use recently and could not connect from the I-Phone. Upgraded the Blynk Server to version 0.31.0-java8. IOS will now connect to the server but Node-Red goes nuts with errors. Several posts suggest that the websockets port has changed from 8081, but depending on the post I find different answers.

What is the correct websocket port?

I was using port 8082 with the cloud servers and it stopped working last November. For the cloud servers it’s now 8080 of 80.

Not sure if this helps with your local server issue though!


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