Local blynk server 0.34.2-java8 not working

I used server-0.31.1-java8.jar till today, everything worked fine. Today I switched to server-0.34.2-java8.jar. Now my clients cannot connect :frowning: I switched back to the old one, and everything is fine. What coud be the problem?
I use arduino with esp01, and also have a solo esp12. Both worked with version 0.31, but now both fail to connect.

You need to make sure your clients are reflashed with latest Libraries as well.

App, Library and Server versions need to be kept relatively in sync with updates… and leaving everything alone will also fail eventually, so simply keep current with all updates :slight_smile:

NOTE there was also some required port changes in the last updates. It is a good idea to watch for and read all Announcement topics.

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Thanks for the quick response. I reflashed the controllers with port 8080, and everything work fine.

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